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Poverty is Everywhere and sometimes right under our noses. Sometimes we tend to forget that there are people less fortunate than ourselves who have needs and aspirations like we do but, because it is not under our noses and these needs are not visible, we are more likely to forget and push it aside because it is convenient to do and ignore. How many times do we get to a traffic light and see beggars, place them in a category of our choosing, perhaps even ignoring them because we think they are just "lazy" and they need to find something to do and earn an income.

Charity work in impoverished communities has been greatly ignored, people in these communities have been left to fend for themselves by doing anything they can to make a living from day to day and many times revert to doing crime. We not only notice the injustice that societies place on people who do not share the same social standing, but actively try to do something about it by reaching out to these communities and destitute people of all races, to bring hope to them. We believe in the Biblical command that Jesus set out, -to take care of our neighbor - for as we give to the poor, so are we lending to God, what we do for them, we are indirectly doing for Him.

Should you wish to partner with us and you are in a position to assist with food or clothing that can be donated to a worthy cause, kindly consider and give us a call. Contact number is available on the homepage should you wish to make contact.
God Bless!
Ben Lombard