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Drain Cleaning

uncloggingDrain cleaning can be classified by the method employed to clean clogged drains and pipes. It can either be a chemical based consumer product that unblocks sewer pipes or helps to prevent the occurrence of clogged drains or or physical devices known as plumber’s snake. We will be dealing with the Chemicals being used for inside and outside drain cleaning.

Advantages of chemical drain cleaners: They are readily available from the local super market or your chemical supplier. They are potentially easy to use in removing hair and grease clogs that accumulate inside drain pipes.

Disadvantages of chemical drain cleaners: While chemical products provide a cleaning solution for applications where the drain pipes are clogged close to the drain inlet, it however becomes less effective for removing clogs far from the drain opening such as in the main sewer drain, where you are faced with an inability to remove most solid obstructions and a plumbers snake may be required.

How to limit Clogging of Drains:
There are a number of counter preventative measures can be employed to limit drain clogging and grease concentration buildup inside the drain. One simple and effective method of drain clogging prevention is to use a drain screen which will catch loose hair and food waste materials from entering the drain which leads to waste buildup and clogging inside the drain pipes. It is also useful to inspect your drains and pipes regularly to ensure your drain system is functioning properly. Clogged drain pipes could also be the result of structural issues in the drain system which may cause material buildup in the pipes.