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What makes us different? In a sense, we are all the same, we have the same aspiration to achieve something in life. That sense of accomplishment drives us to greatness, cause us to strive for something more than what we are and to make the world a better place for everyone.

After 35 yearsBen&Maria working for some major Service Delivery Industry corporations, having been contracted out to different companies looking after their I.T infrastructures, I finally took a leap of faith, started Zap-it-clean, my chemical cleaning products distribution company, focusing on the one element I am very familiar with which is service delivery. Coming from an I.T background, I looked at taking business online providing quality cleaning products in the local market, but decided to do it offline first, building a brand, supplying chemical cleaning products to the local market at a price that is affordable and competitive. I am looking to start an online Drop-shipping E-commerce business website soon, taking my business from the brick and mortar real world into the digital world of the future, one step at a time..

What am I about? I have to admit that I am an absolute Adrenalin Junky! I love thrill roller coaster rides (the 3D Universal Studio rides are the best!) I love challenges and being challenged daily. I jumped out of a small plane once and then married my wonderful wife – Maria, shortly after that, who constantly challenges me and keeps me on my toes. – guess that is why being in business by myself is such an adventure and challenge to me. My favorite phrase that I live by is: “No hidden Agenda! and CHANGE is here to STAY” I am passionate about client delivery and focused on doing whatever it takes to help my client get the best service that they deserve. I have been in business now for 2 years and it has been a wonderful journey.

What can I do for you? While many people around us display a sense of mediocrity and an attitude of merely getting by to get a job done, having no urgency or pride in what they do, I decided that I will not allow life to just put me in a mold of Ho-Hum – sameness.  ..Now imagine a company that does what it says, is there when you need them and delivers on time, every time.. I saw the need in the service industry for service excellence anGaurantee-2d for prompt and reliable service delivery. My focus is to provide you with the best possible cleaning products for your business or industry, at the best affordable price and to be your one stop shop go-to distributor. If I do not have it, I will find it for you. Client satisfaction -guaranteed and looking forward to do business with you. “Your business is the life blood of mine.”


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